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Playing time: 35 minutes
Age: 8+

Cork (Cortiça, in Portuguese. /kuɾˈti.sɐ/) is one of the most characteristic natural products from Portugal. In this game the players will plant cork oaks, extract their bark and process it into cork.

Every turn the players will shuffle the five actions and make a line of four. Those actions can have one or two spaces in which the players will place their workers.
The actions are resolved from left to right, up to down. When an action is resolved the worker goes in a stack. On the next turn, the players will draw and place the workers from the stack, one by one.

Cortiça was designed for Button Shy's 18 card worker placement challenge.


Cortiça_cards_v03 ENG.pdf 120 kB
Cortiça_rules_v03 ENG.pdf 475 kB

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